4 Things Alkaline Has Taught Me About Success

I became a Vendetta fan not too long ago thanks to a friend who put me on to Alkaline’s New Level Unlocked Album. Bredda, if this album didn’t inspire self-confidence you never thought you had, boy I don’t know.  The album and Alkaline’s rise to success on a whole has given me the confidence to set and achieve goals I didn’t think I was capable of. (Yikes. I’ve never publicly admitted that). In light of recent goals that I’ve set for myself, I wanted to share with everyone the 4 things Alkaline’s taught me about success.

  1. You have to speak your own success into being.
    It can be said that Alkaline literally spoke his 2016 – Present success into being. For my twitter followers, you may notice that I’ve pinned my New Years’ Resolutions for the past two New Years. This was very much inspired by Alkaline. Setting a concrete timeframe for my goals and reminding myself of the ticking clock has kept me focused.

  2. Tings Tek A Likkle Time
    Experiencing this one for myself as we speak. I’ve half joked about getting this tattooed. (It’s still in the back of mind). Things really do take a little time. You might not see the fruits of your labor now, but they’re coming.

  3. You have to say YES when everyone else says NO
    You have to believe wholeheartedly in yourself and what you’re trying to achieve. At least one person will tell you that you’re fighting a losing battle. You have to remember that nobody who’s ever achieved their dreams will tell you that you can’t achieve yours. A great team and support system have helped me through periods of self-doubt. I’m truly thankful for them. 

  4. Success comes at a cost.
    There is actually a price you have to pay to be somebody great. This is one thing I wish wasn’t true. Becoming the person you want to be sometimes means losing touch with people you love, sleepless nights, dark days and tons sacrifices. It took me some time to cope with this one but it does pay off in the end.

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  1. Gravity says:

    Real talk enuh.


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