Why I Chose to Start a Business in College

For those of you who frequently ask yourselves the same question I do or are not sure if this life is for you, here are my reasons for choosing to double as an entrepreneur and college kid.

So Champs is Over — What Now? (The Ugandan Situation)

Now that Champs 2017 is over and the dust has cleared, the million dollar question is … is it safe to talk about Ari Rodgers without seeming biased? I’ve been asked about my opinion on the “Ugandan Situation” a ton over the past few weeks, especially because of what I do. Now that the excitement’s over, I thought I’d share the mental process I went through when trying to figure out how I felt about the situation from a recruitment counselor’s perspective.

4 Things Alkaline Has Taught Me About Success

I became a Vendetta fan not too long ago thanks to a friend who put me on to Alkaline’s New Level Unlocked Album. Bredda, if this album didn’t inspire self-confidence you never thought you had, boy I don’t know. The album and Alkaline’s rise to success on a whole have given me the confidence to set and achieve goals I didn’t think I was capable of.